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Benchtop gloss meter TBGM-A10

Benchtop gloss meter TBGM-A10

Benchtop gloss meter TBGM-A10 with large backlit LCD display, 2 × 3 mm tiny aperture, 0 to 1000 GU measurement range is suitable for measurement of gloss of curved surface and very small size material. Its optimized light source ensures measurement stability, repeatability. Equipped with simple mode, used to get gloss results directly on screen and statistic mode is used to get gloss difference between samples.

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Test angle 60°
Gloss aperture 2 × 3 mm
Measurement range 0 to 1000 GU
Repeatability 0.2 GU (0 to 100 GU), 0.2 % GU (100 to 1000 GU)
Reproducibility 1.0 GU (0 to 100 GU), 1.0 % GU (100 to 1000 GU)
Display 5 inches LCD screen
Light source LED light source
Light source life time 10 years, 3 million test
Working temperature 0 to 45 °C
Working humidity ≤ 80% RH, no condensation
Port USB
Data storage 100 pcs of targets, 1000 pcs of samples
Size (L*W*H) 350 × 300 × 200 mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Battery capacity Chargeable lithium battery, 7.4 V/ 6000 mAh


0 to 1000 GU measurement range

5 inch color touch screen

2 × 3 mm tiny aperture

Double light path technology

Automatic calibration one button operation

Connection to PC, printer via USB cable

Easy to use


Used for measuring gloss of plastic, rubber materials, electroplated material, metal nuts, knives, coins mobile cover, plastic & metal case & other suitable samples.

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