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Pharmacy Refrigerator LPRF-A13

Pharmacy Refrigerator LPRF-A13

Pharmacy Refrigerator LPRF-A13 is a digital microprocessor controlled refrigerator with holding capacity of 1166 L and has 12 pieces wired storage shelves. In-built fully automatic defrost system with 0.1°C sensitive thermostat. It has stainless steel inner chamber and galvanized steel outer surface with electrostatic paint to avoid rusting. Noiseless and user friendly operation mode. Auto audio-visual signal alarm protection. It is ideally used in storage of medical, pharmaceuticals, laboratory products and reagents by industries and research labs.

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Temperature Range 0°C to 15°C
Temperature Set Point + 4°C
Number of Wire shelves 12
Net volume 1166 L
Gross Volume 1312 L
Inner Surface Material Stainless steel
Output USB
Thermal Printer Optional
Voltage Supply 195 V to 230 V, 50 Hz
Internal Dimension (W × L × H) 1370 × 712 × 1346 mm
External Dimension (W × L × H) 1450 × 820 × 2000 mm
Weight 430 kg


Microprocessor controlled digital panel

Automatic defrosting system

Double glazed door with magnetic seal rings and lock

Fan system for uniform temperature distribution

LED lights in the chamber

USB data transfer port

Highly sensitive thermostat

Accumulator system to operate panel and printer during power shortage

CFC free refrigerant

Two regular and two braked castors for easier shifting

Data storage for 30 days

Thermal printer can be embedded

Audio and visual alarm system

When upper and lower limit of temperature is exceeded

Door is left open

Low voltage issues or electricity cut off


Widely used for storage of products like reagents, pharmaceutical compounds, laboratory grade product, medical compounds, medicinal products in pharmaceutical industries, medicals, research laboratories, etc.

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