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-164°C Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer LCF-F10

-164°C Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer LCF-F10

-164°C Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer LCF-F10 is a 128 L unit designed with dual core refrigeration system and temperature range of -120°C to -164°C. Integrated with single-pole lubrication compressor refrigeration technology with ultra-thick foaming insulation layer, ensures lower heat dissipation. Coated with sprayed steel sheet exterior and stainless-steel interior, has VIP vacuum thermal insulation and safety door lock. Equipped with microprocessor controller and platinum resistor temperature sensors, also supports advanced alarm system and multiple protection function.

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Cabinet Type Chest
Capacity 128 L
Temperature Range -120°C to -164°C
Ambient Temperature 16° to 32°C
Cooling Performance -164°C
Cooling Method Direct cooling
Defrost Mode Manual
Refrigerant Mixture gas
Climate Class N
Controller Microprocessor
Display Digital display
Compressor 1 pc
Alarm System High/Low temperature, High ambient temperature
External Material Steel plates with spraying
Internal Material 304 Stainless steel
Foaming Lid 2
Insulation Thickness 212 mm
Casters 6
Door Lock with Key Yes
Protection Function Turn-on delay and stopping interval protection function, Keyboard lock and password protection function
Access Port 1 pc. Ø 40 mm
Data Logging/Interval/Recording Time Printer/Record every 20 minute / 7 days
Backup Battery Yes
Power Supply 380 V, 50 Hz
Power 10700 W
Input Power 13600 W
Rated Current 20.7 A
Internal Dimension (W × D × H) 510 × 460 × 540 mm
External Dimension (W × D × H) 1665 × 1000 × 1115 mm
Package Dimension (W × D × H) 1815 × 1085 × 1304 mm
Net Weight 380 Kg
Gross Weight 445 Kg


Dual core rapid refrigeration, energy saving and low power consumption

Bright LED display for easy setting and observation of technical parameters

Spray coated steel sheet exterior and stainless-steel interior, low maintenance

Ergonomic design with safety door lock to avoid abnormal door opening

Advanced refrigeration system with built-in sensors and environment-friendly refrigerant

Direct cooling and manual defrost mode optimized temperature stability and uniformity

Microprocessor controller with PRT sensors, precise temperature control

Alarm System and multiple protection function, ensures safe storage and operation

High-efficient, stable and reliable unit with high-efficient cooling system


-164°C Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer is used in scientific research, low temperature test of special materials, DNA/RNA, bones, bacteria, biological products and blood plasma cryopreservation etc. it is often used in blood bank stations, hospitals, sanitization centers, anti-epidemic stations, laboratories and universities etc.

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