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3-D Gyratory Rockers LGR-A41

3-D Gyratory Rockers LGR-A41

3-D Gyratory Rockers utilizes a gentle 3-D gyratory action where the platform moves in a three dimensional motion about the central point for precise results. With a large platform, the rockers can accommodate large vessels such as culture flasks, petri dishes etc. The non-slip matt on the tray prevents the vessels slipping away during agitation. They are suitable for low foaming agitating and are widely used in DNA extractions, staining and de-staining procedures. Due to the compact size they can also be used in conjuction with incubators and chambers.

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Maximum Load Capacity 10 kg
Shaking Speed Range 5 - 70 rpm
Platform Dimension 355 x 355 mm 
Shaking Motion 3-D Gyratory
Display LED
Timer Range 540 min
Tilt Angle 3 - 12°
Speed Increment digital in 1 rpm increment
Temperature Range 4 - 40°C
Humidity 80 %RH
Operation Continuous/Timed
Overall Dimension 360 × 420 × 210 mm
Weight 10 kg
Power 50 W
Power Supply 230 V, 60 Hz


Smooth 3D gyratory motion

Tilted adjustable angle between 3º to 12º

Can be used in conjuction with incubators and chambers

Compact space-saving design fits easily in incubator and refrigerator

Speed range 5-70rpm

Adjustable speed control provides gentle to vigorous agitation

Continuous operation

Aluminum-alloyed platform provides strong bearing capability


This 3-D Gyratory Rocker is suitable for rocking and mixing applications in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry due to large & variety of platforms.

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