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Automatic Glassware Washer LGW-A12

Automatic Glassware Washer LGW-A12

Labtron offers Automatic Glassware Washer which combines cleaning with integrated drying system for glassware. It provides efficient, cost-effective option for your laboratory operations. Washing is carried out by means of air heater and drying facilitated by HEPA filter. Available with wide range of chamber capacities along with 12 preset programs and PLC touch screen.

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Capacity 320 L
Water consumption/cycle 15 L
Inlet Water Pressure 0.3 to 0.8 MPa
Washing Chamber Size (W×D×H) 600×629×820 mm
Noise ≤ 55 dB
Overall Power Consumption 6.5 kW/ 18 kW
Water Washing Power Consumption 1.5 kW
Water Heating Power Consumption 5/ 15 kW
Drying Power Consumption 3.6 kW
Cleaning Racks 3 pcs
Standard Cleaning Racks 36 nozzles std. 3 racks
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz; 380V, 50Hz
External Size (W×D×H) 790×690×1950 mm
Package Size (W×D×H) 1000×840×2180 mm
Gross Weight 350 kg


Self-cleaning program

Equipped with efficient pump, optimized spray arm and nozzles

High pressure hot air drying system facilitated by independent air heater and HEPA filter

Washing temperature upto 99°C and drying by hot air upto 120°C

PLC touch screen control system

Equipped with corrosion resistance stainless steel material

Mounted with a glass window for clear view of washing process

Lockable door for safety purpose

Preset 12 programs including one customized program


Automatic Glassware Washer is used for washing of various glassware like beakers, pipettes, tubes, plates, dishes etc. in microbiology, biotechnology laboratories, research centres and clinical laboratories.

Standard Accessories

One bucket RBSA150, (1 L)
One bucket RBS A375 neutralizer (1 L)

Optional Accessories

USB interface
Cleaning racks

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