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Liquid Particle Counter LLPC-A10

Liquid Particle Counter LLPC-A10

Liquid Particle Counter LLPC-A10 comes with high precision syringe sampling and semiconductor laser sensor. Designed using photoresist method principle, it detects size and number of solid particles in a liquid sample. It’s a high quality performance instrument, designed in accordance with international standards such as ISO4406:1999.

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Measurement range
1 to 250 µm (25 sensors)
1 µm to 320 µm (32 sensors)
2 µm to 400 µm (40 sensors)
Light Source Semiconductor laser light
Measurement Channels 8 channels
Particle size 1 µm (2 µm) to arbitrarily set within 100 µm
1 µm (ISO04402)
4 µm (C) (ISO11171) (25, 32 sensor)
2 µm (ISO4402) (40 sensor)
Sample volume ≥ 0.5 ml
Sample accuracy Better than ± 1 %
Sampling rate 5 ml/ min to 60 ml/ min
Resolution < 10 %
Coincidence error limit 10,000/ ml (5 % Coincidence error)
Maximum cabin pressure 0.6 MPa
Maximum cabin vacuum 0.08 MPa
Maximum viscosity detection
350 cps (40 sensor)
250 cps (32 sensor)
100 cps (25 sensor)
Ambient temperature 10 to 40°C
Interface RS232
Internal Dimension 430 × 320 × 590 mm
Internal Weight 55 kg
External Packaging Dimension 450 × 340 × 620 mm
External Packaging Weight 75 kg
Power 80 W
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz


Precision syringe sampling with stable sampling rate

Built-in threshold- diameter curve

8 Measurement channels

Wide Detection range

Large LCD touch screen display

Large data processing, classification, verification

Built – in printer RS232 interface with connection to printer

Instrument calibration and verification as per international standards


Used in petroleum, metallurgy, automobile, aviation, chemical and other fields to detect insoluble particles present in hydraulic oil, petroleum oils, turbine and insulating oils, liquid polymer solution.

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