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Aging Oven LAGO-A11

Aging Oven LAGO-A11

Aging Oven LAGO-A11 is designed to simulate environmental condition to test the stability and reliability of products under stressed environment. It offers 200 L volume capacity to the temperature range from RT+20 to 250℃ with 10 to 12 rpm turntable speed. Test chamber is suitable for a variety of aging test requirements, with programmable control function for temperature, time, heating rate and other procedures. It could pre-set the time of starting and closing over the exhausting air door to carry out the aging test at a fast speed. Material used 304 stainless steel and Large LCD screen easy to observe and operate.

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Capacity volume 216 L
Temperature range RT +20 to 250℃
Temperature stability ± 0.5℃
Temperature uniformity ± 1%
Ventilation volume 0 to 200/h
Material 304 stainless steel
Display LCD screen
Turntable speed LCD screen
Timer range 0 to 5999 min
Shelves 2
Dimension 600 × 600 × 600 mm
Power consumption 2450 W
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Weight 173 kg


Large LCD screen easy to observe and operate

Equipped with multi-period temperature, circulating wind speed, time and heating rate and other parameters

Low-speed rotation sample

Designed with mirror polishing wall, semi-circular arcs at corners, free loading and unloading shelf easy to clean the chamber

Pre-set automatic switch on

Programming setting function with 7 periods and 9 steps for each period

Material used 304 stainless steel


Aging Oven is used to control the product quality, such as electronic, plastic products, electrical appliances, instruments, food, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials, aerospace, medical care.

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