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Automatic polarimeter LPMR-A30

Automatic polarimeter LPMR-A30

The automatic polarimeter LPMR-A30 comes with 7 inch TFT touch screen & long-life LED with 589 nm filter as light source instead of traditional limited hours light source for use. With four measurement options like optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration and international sugar content it can determine the concentration of substance, content, purity etc. Equipped with built-in peltier temperature control system ensures accurate readings. Polarimeter is used across sugar, pharmacy, food & chemistry industry.

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Measurement mode Four modes: optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration and international sugar content
Calibration mode Automatic Calibration
Measuring Range ±89.99°, ±259°Z
Minimum reading 0.001°(optical rotation)
Accuracy ±0.01°(-45° ≤ optical rotation ≤ +45°)
Repeatability (standard deviations) 0.002°(optical rotation)
Measurable sample min. transmittance 0.01
Light source LED
Working wavelength 589.3 nm
Test tube One 200 mm & One 100 ml
Temperature control mode Built-in semiconductor
Temperature control range 10 to 45 °C
Temperature control accuracy ± 0.2°C
Display mode 7 inch TFT touch screen
Data storage capacity 1000 sets of data
Interface USB, RS232
Power supply 250 W
Power AC 220V ± 10% 50 Hz
Dimension 820 × 420 × 440 mm
Net weight 28 kg
Gross Weight 32 kg


Highly integrated, fully automatic polarimeter

7 inch TFT touch screen

4 selectable measurement options

Long LED life light source, with 589.3 nm filter

Built-in Parr (peltier) temperature control system

± 89° measurement scope for chiral compounds over broad range of concentration

Automatic calculations of non-standard test tube measurements

Automatic marking for time, date, sample name

Easy to operate


Automatic polarimeter is used in detection of sugar, pharmacy, food, drugs, chemical testing also for detection of starch, agriculture products, amino acids & other materials.

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