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Automatic Ultra Sonic Homogenizer LUSL-A10

Automatic Ultra Sonic Homogenizer LUSL-A10

Automatic Ultra Sonic Homogenizer LUSL-A10 is a floor type homogenizer with titanium alloy horn, two layered tank, 370 W vacuum pump. Equipped with flowmeter to measure liquid volume. Cooling water control system helps in maintaining temperature during sonication. With accelerated solvent penetration in presence of active ingredients/materials, it is used in Nano material preparation, cell disruption and lysis, emulsification and homogenization.

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Frequency 20 kHz
Effective volume 10 L
Maximum Power 1 kW
Liquid flow rate 25 to 250 l/h
pH range 4 to 11 pH
Maximum viscosity ≤ 8 l/ min
Dispersion particle diameter ≥ 0.6 pl
Applicable media Volatile or non-volatile
Material Horn titanium+ stainless steel mechanical part+ Visual cabinet glass
Temperature control Controllable
Cooling system Water cooled reactor + thermostat
Rated current 10 (A)
Working amplitude 50 µm
Adjustable amplitude range 50 to 100 %
Power supply 220/ 240/ 380 V, 50/ 60 Hz
Dimension 1200 × 1000 × 800 mm
Net weight 160 kg
Gross weight 200 kg
HS code 8479820090


Reduced installation, operation and maintainenace cost

Acrylic glass observation window

LCD Display shows ultrasonic generator values

LED display shows temperature values

Tank, pipeline, valve made using SS 304

Start (Ultrasonic, Pump, Cooling system), Power On/Off knobs at Top for ease

1 m3/ h maximum flow rate of vacuum pump

Alarm for ultrasonic system, displayed on LCD screen

Alarms when temperature is out of control

Different types (diameter) horn as per the requirements

CE certified


Used for industrial as well as laboratory applications across Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Tissue culture industries for Nano-material preparation, cell disruption, and emulsification purpose.

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