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Laser Theodolite

We manufacture portable laser theodolite instruments. It finds application in civil engineering, construction sites, division of road designing, etc. for measuring absolute angles. Designed with a large LCD display. It is a user-friendly device, and all the standard functions of an electronic theodolite are available on it.

Laser Theodolite LTDL-A10
Telescope :
Image Erect
Magnification 30X
Objective aperture 47 mm
Field of view 1° 30 inch
Shortest viewing distance 1 m
Stadia ratio 100
Resolution 3.75 absolute
Angle Measurement :
Angle measurement mode Absolute angle
Minimum reading 1,5, 10,20 absolute
Angle units DEG/MIL/GON
Accuracy 2, 5, 10 absolute
Display LCD
Compensator :
Type Single-axis liquid tilt sensor
Range ± 3 inch
Up Laser Point :
Wavelength 635 nm
Laser focus point 5 mm/ 100 m
Deviation between laser focusing point and telescope collimation axis ≤ 5 absolute
Valid optical distance 150 m (day)