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Digital Differential Pressure Meter LDPM-A20

Digital Differential Pressure Meter LDPM-A20

Digital differential pressure meter LDPM-A20 is an advanced microprocessor based handheld unit. It is developed for the determination of pressure difference and can measure positive as well as negative pressures. Fabricated using new semiconductor based nm process, it provides stable and precise readings for different levels in and out of clean rooms.

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Measuring range ± 500 Pa
Repeatability ± 0.2 % FS
Resolution 0.1 Pa
Sampling rate 0.5 s
Operating temperature range 0 °C ∼ 50 °C
Operational humidity ˂ 85 RH
Display resolution 320 x 240
Power supply 2400 mA Li-battery
Dimensions 55 x 180 x 85 mm


Ultra-low power 32-bit microprocessor

2.6 inch IPS colour screen for differential pressure display

Multiple options of measurement units: Pa, mbar, etc.

Data storage function ( 16000 samples )

On site calibration through quick zero reset

Over-voltage and over-charge protection

Resistance to static and electromagnetic interference

Adjustable backlight display with automatic idle shutdown

Data export and easy data download to PC via USB line

Built-in battery


Used in differential pressure measurement of clean rooms, air conditioning ducts, pneumatic, compressor and pump installations, valves, tanks and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, departments such as electronics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; monitoring of filters, etc.

Standard Accessories

Accessory No Accessory Quantity
1.        USB charger line 1
2.        Data cable 1
3.        Calibration certificate 1
4.        Warranty card 1
5.        User manual 1

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