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Viscometer LVM-C13

Viscometer LVM-C13

The rotational Viscometer LVM-C13 with stylish and modern technology, measures viscosity very quickly and accurately. It does measure & save 30 pcs test data. It is used in any area that requires the study of flow of liquid properties. They are handheld, user-friendly, and portable in nature.

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Measuring range 1 to 600000 mPa.s
Rotating speed 0.1/0.3/0.6/1.5/3/6/12/30/60 (r/min)
Rotor 1-4 number rotors, Measuring viscosity lower than 10 needs to be equipped with the 0 number rotar
Measuring Error (Newtonian liquid) ±1%
Repeatability error (Newtonian liquid)) ±0.5%
Time function Yes
Power 110 V/60 Hz or 220 V/50 Hz
Dimension 300 ×300 ×450 mm
Net weight 7.5 kg
Gross weight 8 kg


5 inch color touch-screen with multiple specifications

Use of ARM technology and built-in Linux system for quick and accurate results

Computer based self-calibrated measuring range for error free results

Can be handheld, user-friendly and portable in nature


Viscometer is used to measure viscosity of fluids, fluids under high melting temperature such as paints, coatings, cosmetics, inks, paper pulp, food, oil, starch, solvent-based glue, latex, and other biochemical products.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No. Name
1 Rotor protection frame
2 (1, 2, 3, 4) number rotor

Optional Accessories

Accessories No. Name
1 Constant temperature water bath, 10 to 100°C, only 220 V
2 Thermal Printer (with 1 roller paper)
3 Temperature probe
4 Ultra-low viscosity adapter (0 # rotor)
5 Thermostatic cup
6 PC Software RS232-USB Line
7 Calibrate silicone oil 400ml

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