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Portable Trace Drug Detector LTDD-D10

Portable Trace Drug Detector LTDD-D10

Portable Trace Drug Detector LTDD-D10 is a handheld device with a sensitivity of 0.1 pg and a temperature range of -20°C to 55°C. Features advanced Polymer Sensing Technology to identify the presence of explosive in the given sample. The existence of explosive changes the intensity of fluorescence released by fluorescent polymers which is measured by the detector. Components of the instrument includes heating sampling head, middle section of instrument and battery. LCD display, USB interface, storage space, fast response time, alarm system etc. are some of the benefits of the device. It is used in labs, security departments, military services etc.

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Temperature -20°C to 55°C
TNT Detection limit < 0.1 pg
Alarm time < 6 s
Ambient temperature -20°C to 55°C
False alarm rate < 1%
Starting time Inhalation mode (< 10 s)
wiping mode (< 2 min)
Interface USB
Display 3 inches TFT LCD
Storage 50,000 test results
Rated power 9 W
Rated voltage 7.4 V DC
Adapter supply frequency 50 Hz
Adapter supply voltage 100 to 220 V
Dimensions 365 × 108 × 63 mm
Dimensions (Packing carton) 465 × 390 × 235 mm
Weight (Battery included) 1.65 kg
Weight (Packing box included) ≤ 8 kg


Fluorescent Polymer Sensing Technology

Snap connection between components of the instrument

3 to 5 mins warm up time

LCD, TFT touch screen display to show test value, date and time

Storage space for 50,000 test results

Signals to replace sensor, recharge or replace battery, warning sign

Alarm system to notify the result

Hot air cleaning to remove any residues

User friendly interface and simple structure


It is used to identify the presence of explosive in the sample. It finds application in security department, forensic labs, military departments etc.

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