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Analytical HPLC System LAHS-A10

Analytical HPLC System LAHS-A10

Analytical HPLC System LAHS-A10 features Quaternary Low Pressure Pump with 0.001-10 ml/min pump flow rate. Incorporated UV-Vis detector with a range of 190 to 800 nm that examines sample absorption at different wavelengths and a high pressure pump providing continuous stable flow. This HPLC system offers high speed accuracy, resolving power, detection, quantification, convenience and applicability to new sample types. 

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Pump specification
Type Quaternary Low Pressure Pump
Flow Rate Range 0.001 to 10.000 ml/min, in 0.001ml increments
Flow Accuracy ≤ ± 0.2% (1.00 ml/min, H2 O, R.T., 8.5 MPa)
Flow Precision RSD ≤ 0.06% (1.00 ml/min, H2 O, R.T., 8.5MPa)
Maximum Pressure 63 MPa
Pressure accuracy ≤ ± 3.0 %
Pressure pulsation ≤ 0.1 MPa
Composition rang 0 to 100 %
Composition precision ≤ 0.3 % RSD
UV/VIS Detector
Wavelength Range 190 to 800 nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤ 0.1 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ≤ ± 1.0 nm
Band Width 6 nm
Response Time 0.0 s to 5 s
Baseline Noise ≤ ± 0.25 × 10-5 AU(empty cell, 254 nm, 1.0s)
Drift ≤ 0.5 × 10-4 AU/h (empty cell, 254 nm, 60 min)
Path length 10 mm(analytical cell)
Light Source Deuterium Lamp and Tungsten Lamp
Data-processing Workstation System contain the tables for regular samples
Equipped with Internal and external standard calculation process
Automatic display, print, export of data and starting of another program on completion on measurement
Observe with the condition of 21 CFR part 11 directive of the FDA
System Kits 1 Set
Combined A/D converters
Combined vacuum degasser and 4 channel
Power Supply AC 110 /220 V ±1 0 %, 50/60 Hz
Dimension 710 × 583× 500mm; 770 × 450 × 700 mm
Weight 156 kg


UV-Vis detector with a range of 190 to 800 nm

Consist of Quaternary Low Pressure Pump

Advance and intellectual HPLC system

Excellent Flow Accuracy and Pressure Accuracy

Column oven with greater capacity of 3 column with maximum thickness ID10 × 250 mm

Fast and stable UDP communication protocol, can be used for instrument remote control

Enhancement of up to 5 mm stroke of plunger rod with good performance and high pressure constant flow pump or parallel pump head

Complies with FDA 21 CFR part 11


High Performance Liquid Chromatography system has been widely used in Research and Development, pharmaceutical, food nutrient analysis of amino acids and sugars, detection of food contaminants, environmental pollutant and chemical product purity.

Standard Accessories


Optional Accessories

Accessories no. Name
1 Column oven
2 Auto sampler
3 Degasser
4 Diode Array Detector
5 Refractive Index Detector
6 Evaporative Light Scattering Detector
7 Fluorescence Detector

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