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Belt Drive Vacuum Pump LBDVP-A10

Belt Drive Vacuum Pump LBDVP-A10

Belt drive vacuum pump LBDVP-A10 is equipped with highly durable vacuum pump assembled for pumping air from sealed vessels. It provides ultimate vacuum pressure of ≤ 1Pa.The robust design and high end vacuum makes this belt driven vacuum pump powerful system. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or as a fore-pump, process pump or titanium pump of booster pump, oil diffusion pump and molecular pump.

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Pumping Speed 240 L / min
Ultimate Pressure ≤ 1 Pa
Oil Capacity 1 L
Rotating Speed 450 rpm
Temp. of Body ≤ 40 °C
Ambient Temp. 7 - 40 °C
Noise Level ≤ 75 dB
Weight 55/50 kg
Inlet 25 mm
Dimension 540 x 335 x 380 mm
Power 5500 W
Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz


Belt driven type vacuum pump

Robust design

Ultimate vacuum pressure of ≤1Pa

High end vacuum

Easy to use and maintain

Highly durable and powerful

Quiet, low-vibration operation


Belt Drive Vacuum Pump can be used for vacuum coating, vacuum filtering, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum smelting, vacuum tube, refrigeration, packing etc.

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