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Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A12

Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A12

Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A12 is a floor type unit with 620 L capacity, digital control panel and microprocessor controlled system. Refrigerator has +4°C set point and deep freezer has -20°C set point. Audio-visual alarm system is available for exceeding upper and lower temperature limit, open door and low voltage or electricity cut-off issues.

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Total capacity 620 L (470 L refrigerator + 150 L freezer)
Upper Part (refrigerator)
Temperature range 0 to 15°C
Set point + 4 °C
Wire shelves 4
Net volume
Gross volume
Interior lighting Yes, LED light source
Door lock Yes
Internal dimension (W×L×H)
Lower Part (freezer)
Freezer section -10 to -30°C
Set point - 20 °C
Net volume
Gross volume
Wire shelves 1
Interior lighting No
Door lock No
Internal dimension (W×L×H)
Common features
Rollers for portability Yes (2 wheels with stopper, 2 regular wheels)
PC Connection USB
External dimension (L×W×H) 765 × 920 × 2000 mm
Power Supply 220 to 240V, 50/60 Hz
Gross weight 260 kg


Microprocessor controlled system

Double thermal gazing door with lock and magnetic seal rings

Deep freezer door with polyurethane insulated block-door system

Inner surface made up of stainless steel CR-Ni

Outer body made up of galvanized sheet, coated with rust proof electrostatic paint

Adjustable plastic covered wire shelves

Equal temperature distribution using strengthen fan system

USB output with 10 years recording memory

Control panel thermostat with 0.1°C sensitivity

Easy, user-friendly operation

Complied with ISO international standards


Used in biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical research laboratories and testing centers to store specimens, biological samples, reagents etc.

Optional Accessories

Graphic thermal printer

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