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Stereo Microscope LSM-B12

Stereo Microscope LSM-B12

Stereo microscopes LSM– B12 is known for its long working distance & parallel zoom optical system. Sample can be viewed at three dimensional angle by zooming in particular part of interest. It is generally used for more complex applications in gemology, dissections in biology and others.

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Optical system Parallel zoom optical system
Viewing Head Binocular head, inclined at 20°
Eyepiece Extra wide field EW10X/22 mm
Zoom Stereo Objective 0.8X to 8X
Achromatic Objective 1X plan achromatic objective
Zoom ratio 1 : 10
Focusing range 78 mm
Working distance 105 mm
Illumination Transmission & reflection LED illumination, brightness adjustable
Focusing Coarse focusing knobs, rack and pinion mechanism stand
Dimension 370×320×670 mm
Net weight 9 kg
Gross weight 10 kg


Binocular 20° inclined viewing head

EW10X/22 mm Eyepiece, Zoom and plan achromatic objective for Zoom magnification

Transmission & reflected LED illumination

Dual side precise coarse and fine focusing knobs

User-friendly operations


Used in botany, zoology for dissection purpose, in gemology, minerology for examination and inspection of rocks, jewel, and microelectronic components, circuit boards and others.

Optional Accessories

Accessories no. Name
1 Eyepiece WF10X/24 mm
2 Eyepiece WF20X/12 mm
3 Eyepiece: EW15X/16 mm
4 Achromatic objective: 0.3x
5 Plan achromatic objective: 2x
6 Plan apochromatic objective: 0.5x
7 Dark field attachment/ Dark field slider for condenser
8 Polarization attachment/ Simple polarization (with analyzer & polarizer)
9 Epi-fluorescent attachment
10 Iris diaphragm with adapter
11 Epi-fluorescent attachment
12 Beam splitter (one port)
13 Beam splitter (two port)
14 LCD attachment with software               

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