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Automatic Distillation Apparatus LADA-A10

Automatic Distillation Apparatus LADA-A10

Automatic Distillation Apparatus LADA-A10 is a benchtop unit which can automatically determine the distillation range of petroleum products. Test procedures like heating, distillation speed and recording the data are fully automated. Large LCD display and easy to handle operations makes it highly convenient to use. It complies with ASTM D86 and IP123 standards.

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Heating power 2 kW
Cooling power 0.5 kW
Steam temperature 0 to 400℃
Oven temperature 0 to 500℃
Refrigeration temperature 0 to 60℃
Refrigeration accuracy ± 1℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.1℃
Volume accuracy ± 0.1 ml
Power AC 220 V ± 10% 50 Hz


10'' LCD touch screen to view and pre-set several parameters

Highly advance level tracking system with American Haydon high-stepping linear motor

Imported integral linear ball screw circumferential positioning laser tracker

Imported Danfoss (Secop) Compressor

Mechanically refrigerated cooling tube and cylinder room

Automatic heating control (distillation process): up to 95% sample heating control with controlled flow rate of 4 to 5 ml/min

Display shows initial and final boiling point temperature, various % temperature and flow rate

Automatic correction of local atmospheric pressure to standard atmospheric pressure

Test process is stopped by temperature of steam

Results can be stored and printed


It is widely used to determine the distillation range of various petroleum products in laboratories, research institutes and industries.

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